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Waupaca Foundry Iron 投ings for Industrial Equipment

Consistent 质量 投 Iron Parts for Industrial Markets

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Reliable Industrial Iron 投ings Deliver Stability, Peace of Mind

Waupaca Foundry produces cast iron castings for industrial applications, including electric pumps and motors, material handling, hydraulics, 暖通空调, hydrants and valves and 更多的. Material grades include gray iron, ductile iron, and austempered ductile iron castings. 

Leading industrial manufacturers count on Waupaca Foundry for innovative solutions and service and consistent high-quality iron castings, delivered on time. We manufacture with advanced automation and technology, offering unparalleled dimensional control that not only ensures quality, but improves machine tool life and reduces costs. 

With five foundry locations across the United States, partnering with Waupaca Foundry minimizes the risk of supply chain disruptions. 

Industrial equipment OEMs use Waupaca Foundry iron castings to manufacture top quality industrial components, including:

  • Electric motor components – motor housings, fan housings and end 封面s for generators, industrial fans, blowers and pumps, machine tools household appliances and power tools.
  • Hydraulic components – valve bodies and other components such as lifter, 块, pump housing, 适配器, 封面 and 更多的.
  • 暖通空调 components – boiler section, bearing housing, rotor housing, 封面 and compressor scroll for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications.
  • Hydrants, valves and 更多的 – fire and water hydrant components including valve bodies,  housings, bonnets and 封面s for municipal and infrastructure applications.
  • Material handling – iron castings for forklifts, pallet jackets, reach trucks, order pickups and many 更多的. 投, machine and painted castings include hub and drum, 轮, 滑轮, axle bracket, fly轮 and fly轮 housing, drive housing, bearing cap, spring hanger, bracket, hydraulic cylinder, axle housing and 更多的.
  • Cookware – dutch oven, frying pan, cast iron skillet, grill grate, and 更多的.
Industrial & 其他 End-Use Applications



Electric Motor Components Electric Motor Housing
Electric Motor Components
Hydraulic Components Waupaca Foundry hydraulic iron casting
Hydraulic Components
暖通空调 Components Waupaca Foundry boiler iron casting
暖通空调 Components
Hydrants, Valves & 更多的 Waupaca Foundry hydrant and valve iron casting
Hydrants, Valves & 更多的
Forklift Forklift
Material Handling
Cookware Waupaca Foundry cast iron cookware

We understand that in today’s industrial manufacturing climate, your focus is on finding the best possible cost while ensuring supplier stability and reliability—without sacrificing quality and delivery. Waupaca Foundry is committed to meeting each customer’s VA / VE, weldment conversions, or cost and quality targets. 

Dis封面 the power of true capacity with Waupaca Foundry cast and machined iron casting components where. And, service and support doesn’t end when your parts are delivered on-time. It includes field visits from Waupaca Foundry quality assurance technicians—in person—to ensure we’re delivering the most consistent, high quality castings.

Trusted Iron 投ing Supplier for Material Handling Equipment

You will find Waupaca Foundry iron castings on forklifts, pallet jacks, reach trucks, order pickers, container handlers, and automated vehicles to name a few. 投, machined and painted castings include hub and drum, 轮, 滑轮, axle bracket, fly轮 and fly轮 housing, drive housing, bearing cap, spring hanger, bracket, hydraulic cylinder, axle housing and 更多的.

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