Waupaca Foundry Is Synonymous With Quality Iron Castings
Waupaca Foundry Is Synonymous With Quality Iron Castings

Standing For Quality Since 1955

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The Waupaca Difference

Our consistent casting quality is founded on a culture of relentless innovation.  Generations of foundry experience are combined with industry-leading quality management and the best of today’s lean manufacturing technology. Then, we back up the whole package with in-the-field support, offering in-person assistance and problem solving—wherever you are.

Process Control

Every one of our 4,000-plus employees is responsible for continuous quality assurance. Our industry-leading process control starts with a consistent supply of top-quality material. We then use powerful simulation software to ensure core performance before the iron is even poured. The iron pouring is automated for maximum efficiency and consistency. Our machine settings are established during sampling and are continuously monitored throughout the entire process.  Our metallurgists use the latest technology to validate the castings. Industry-leading auto-grinder machines clean and finish the castings. Quality is a top priority throughout Waupaca Foundry.

60 Years in 60 Seconds: A Culture of Ingenuity

Since 1955, Waupaca Foundry built a culture of ingenuity through ideas, dedication, and tenacity. With a team of 4,500 strong, Waupaca empowers its team to continuous improvement. Driven to succeed, we are Waupaca Foundry.

Continuous Improvement Means Consistent Quality. It’s the Waupaca Way.

Continuous improvement is the focus of our people. It’s the culture of our company. Everything we do can be improved. This philosophy is evident throughout Waupaca Foundry, and it can be seen through decades of experience and innovation.

Employee engagement is key to our continuous improvement. We use 5S, Kaizen, and Six Sigma business practices to better our process and production, as well as a number of other lean manufacturing principles designed to improve efficiency, quality, service, and delivery. Our programs are tailored to include Kaizen, Green Belt and related training for efficiency improvement, waste reduction, and process control.

The Waupaca Way production system starts with management vision and a strategic plan. Our vision is to be the industry leader in safety and quality. Resources are dedicated to engineering a process that yields these results. There is a continuous flow of information from the production floor to all levels of management; everyone has a voice.

Our Technology

Waupaca Foundry's technology reduces total overall manufacturing costs through collaboration on casting and core designs to achieve waste reduction, mass reduction, simplify assembly and more. Our  core making, vertical molding, trim press and automated grinding machines are designed, engineered and maintained in-house, and allow maximum control for the highest possible quality. Sophisticated modeling software ensures a quality casting before the iron is even poured into the mold, and our end-process verification technology makes sure that the finished iron castings precisely meets the desired specifications.

Quality Policy

We believe our customers deserve the best quality, on time, at a competitive price.  

Waupaca Foundry implemented and maintains a Quality Management System and is registered to ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16949: 2016 at all foundry locations.

To view or download certificates by foundry location, click on a corresponding link below.

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Returned Goods Authorization Policy.

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